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The nine heating zones in The Heatup Clothing Heated Jacket are strategically positioned across the upper and lower back, and abdomen, neck and stomach.

Stay Warm this Winter!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive

  • Unisex Heated Jacket (The Size You Choose)

You will also receive our HeatBank Pocket Hand Warmers & Power Bank with every item you purchase.

For example 2 jackets = 2 hand warmers + power bank!

You get a 5 year guarantee from Heatup Clothing products, if your product is defective or no longer working you will receive a new one.

Of course you can! Get in touch to arrange an exchange within 30 days of receiving your package.

The jacket has integrated heating elements powered by a portable power bank. Simply turn it on for instant warmth.


Yes, our heated jacket is machine washable. Before washing, remove the power bank and follow the care instructions provided.

The duration of warmth varies based on the heat setting used. Generally, the jacket can provide heat for 4 to 10 hours per charge.

Yes, our jacket is designed to be waterproof, snowproof, and windproof, offering protection against the elements.

Yes, each heated jacket comes with a compatible power bank for convenient use.

Absolutely! The jacket is designed to be unisex, suitable for all.

Safety is paramount. The jacket is equipped with safety features such as overheat protection to ensure a safe and comfortable wearing experience.

Yes, the jacket can be worn without activating the heating elements, functioning as a regular, stylish jacket.

2 Years Warranty
Free Hand Warmers + Power Bank

Leave the color you want in the order notes or black will be sent.

9 Heating Zones

The nine heating zones in The Heatup Clothing Heated Jacket are strategically positioned across the chest, upper and lower back, and abdomen.

These zones ensure consistent and comprehensive warmth distribution, eliminating cold spots and enveloping your core in a cocoon of comfort.

3 Heat Modes

The three heat modes in The Heatup Clothing heated jacket offer customisable warmth for diverse conditions.

Whether you need a subtle, gentle warmth or a more intense heat, these modes cater to your preferences.

The low setting provides a soothing warmth, ideal for milder temperatures or when you need just a hint of heat. The high setting delivers robust warmth, perfect for facing extreme cold, ensuring you stay comfortably snug in harsh weather conditions.

Quality Materials

Our heated jackets at Heatup Clothing are crafted using top-tier materials designed for ultimate comfort and durability. The innovative placement of heating elements across the front and back ensures full-body warmth, even in extreme cold.

With a blend of polyester lining, resilient broadcloth fabric, and lightweight yet insulating cotton filling, these jackets offer both cosyness and flexibility for any adventure.

From the adaptable zipper closure to the practical detachable hood, every detail reflects our commitment to quality, functionality, and enduring style.

Machine Washable

Our heated jackets at Heatup Clothing are not just about warmth and style but also about practicality.

Designed for convenience, these jackets are machine washable, allowing for easy maintenance without compromising their heating technology or durability.

Simply follow the care instructions, and you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of our jackets without any hassle of special cleaning requirements.

Carbon Fiber Wire

The utilization of carbon fiber heating wires in Heatup Clothing Heated Jacket ensures both efficient warmth and exceptional durability.

These advanced heating elements not only deliver consistent heat across the vest’s zones but also boast remarkable resilience against wear and tear.

Combined with insulation, these wires effectively trap and distribute heat, creating a cosy microclimate that keeps you comfortably warm in the chilliest weather.

The insulation works synergistically with the carbon fiber heating wires, maximizing heat retention and minimizing heat loss, providing reliable warmth when you need it most.

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Discover The ThermalTech Pro Jacket

Experience ultimate warmth and versatility with our cutting-edge heated jacket from Heatup Clothing. Engineered with advanced Zone 9 heating technology, this upgraded model ensures comprehensive full-body warmth, even in the most frigid conditions. Crafted from premium materials including resilient polyester lining, durable broadcloth fabric, and lightweight yet insulating cotton filling, this jacket offers both comfort and durability. Its machine-washable design and thoughtful features like a detachable hood and adaptable zipper closure make it an essential companion for any adventure, keeping you cozy and stylish through autumn and winter excursions.